Marina Democratic Club

General Membership Meetings
The Marina Democratic Club would like to schedule meetings this year that would inform and activate Marina residents and reflect your top concerns. We’ve held a community presentation on a vision for downtown Marina, a meeting on annexation of CSUMB student, staff, and faculty housing to the City of Marina, and a light rail project presentation on the long term transportation solution and economic opportunity this would bring Marina and local cities.

Below are some topics of interest prepared with input from citizen suggestions. These are listed in no particular order.

MDC Potential Topics of interest for general membership meetings:
• Ballot propositions on increasing sales and TOT taxes.
• Transparency in Government
• Downtown vitalization
• Cypress Knolls Request for Proposals (RFP/RFQ)
• Mobile home issues
• Marina Equestrian Center/International Canine Studies related negotiations.
• Annexation of CSUMB staff & faculty housing
• Environmental issues
• Educational issues
• Marina Airport
• UC Monterey Bay Education Science and Technology (MBEST).
• Local health care facilities
• Business improvement issues such as: sign ordinance amendments, landscape districts, general city beautification and safety, graffiti, trash, gateway beautification, enforcement of appearance problems in commercial areas, potholes, review of plastic bag policy and polystyrene policy.
• Preston Park tenants issues
• Marina Coast Water District – rates & annexation of MCWD boundaries or rate areas
• Local labor issues e.g. prevailing wages, PERS Public Employees Retirement System
• Role of the Strategic Development Center (SDC) and the Community Development Dept.
• Teens and Seniors – Recreation and city public events.
• Outcome based budgets (see attachment)