An Afternoon of Jazz in Big Sur at Point 16

Sunday, 10/2 – 12pm-4pm – Meet voters, candidates and other elected officials, and many of your favorite Democrats! Enjoy an afternoon of jazz by Akira Tana and the Political Upstarts. Relax with delicious al fresco dining, wine, conversation, and a cliff-side view of the Pacific Ocean. Support the November 2022 Democrats United slate mailer promoting our coordinated campaign. Help magnify voter outreach throughout the region carried out by your Monterey County Democratic Party. To secure a spot today, click this link >>>> Tickets are $125.00) Sponsorships $250-2500. Thank you!


​On October 10th, all voters will get a November 2022 ballot in the mail: Support the endorsements and recommendations of the Monterey County Democratic Party, then return your no-postage-required ballot right away!




Monterey County Election Results and CA Secretary of State’s Office Results

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The Center for Change operates year-round in Seaside. During election season, we open a second location in Salinas.

Volunteer opportunities include writing postcards or letters, making calls or sending texts to get feedback on the recent campaign season, data entry, compiling and updating reference materials, delivering literature to homes, creating content for the website, helping subcommittee chairs, joining a working group, planning events, organizing the office, and more. Staffed by volunteers. Hours vary. Call 831-333-0101 for information.

Center for Changes – Headquarters for Monterey County Democrats United Coordinated Campaign

Located at 1238 Fremont Blvd. , Seaside CA 93955 – Hours of operation are posted here May-June and October-November (election seasons). Open by arrangement and for events year-round.

Located at 931½ E. Market St. , Salinas CA 93905 – Hours of operation are posted here May-June and October-November (election seasons). Open only during the election season – not operating year-round.

We Believe…

Democrats believe in people: all ages, all genders, poor or wealthy, immigrant or US American born.

We believe that this is our nation’s strength: that different people can unite, working together for the good of each and for the benefit of all.

We believe that government’s role is to protect the people and ensure justice, freedom, and equal opportunity.

And we believe that by standing firm on these values, California and the United States of America may reclaim our vision as a land of sustainable optimism, prosperity, and unity.

Join us!

We are the party of unity and equity. Make your own Democratic space.

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Monthly meetings are held on 4th Tuesdays at 6:30pm and usually alternate between our Salinas and Seaside locations. They are preceded by an optional social time 6-6:30pm. NOTE: We are meeting remotely until further notice. To get a link and participate, please contact: MCDCC.Info@gmail.com. Thank you.