The annual Bending the Arc Dinner (8/17, Friday) is no longer available for online reservations. If you have questions about attending or want more information, please contact or 831-632-2812.


We are in the midst of our ENDORSEMENT PROCESS for the November 2018 election. Any registered Democrat running for office in Monterey County may participate. For more information or to receive a questionnaire, contact the Endorsement Committee Co-Chairs (David Brown and Karen Araujo) at Thank you.


We Believe…

Democrats believe in people: poor and wealthy, old and young, woman and man, immigrant and American born.

We believe that this is America’s strength: that different people unite, working together for the good of each and for the good of all.

We believe that government’s role is to protect the people, and ensure justice, freedom and equal opportunity.

And we believe that by standing firm on these values, California and America can reclaim our vision as a land of optimism and unity.

Join us!

We are the party of unity and equity. Join us. Make your own Democratic space.

Explore our site to learn more about the many ways you can make a difference in the party of the people. Stop by one of our meetings, join us for an event, make some calls, or just share information on social media.

Take a stand. Our community and our country need you.

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