About Your Central Committee

The Monterey County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) is the elected body representing registered Democrats in Monterey County; it serves as the local presence of the California Democratic Party. The MCDCC holds monthly meetings every fourth Tuesday from 6:30 – 8:00 P.M. (Except in December) All are preceded by social time with snacks and beverages beginning at 6:00 P.M.

Meetings are open to the public and all friends of the Democratic Party are welcome. The meeting location alternates between the Seaside Center for Change (1238 Fremont Blvd, Seaside 93955), and the Salinas Center for Change (931 ½ East Market Street, Salinas 93905). (NOTE: Until further notice, meetings will be held remotely using Zoom. To obtain the link, please email MDCC. A “hybrid” meeting will take place on May 23rd. Join us online or in person as we navigate how to make the most of this inclusive way of gathering.)

Karen Araujo, Chair

US Mail: PO Box 3024, Monterey CA 93942

Email: Karen Araujo (Subject line “MoCo Democrats:…”)
Phone (Permanent – Center for Change, Seaside): 831-333-0101
Phone (Election Season – Center for Change, Salinas): 831-272-2127

Executive Board

Karen Araujo, Chair

Aidee Farias, AD 29 – Vice Chair

Ian Oglesby, AD 30 – Vice Chair

David Burnett, Financial Officer

George Riley, Secretary

Mibs McCarthy, Development Officer

Alan Haffa, Representative to the CA Democratic Party’s Executive Board

Elena Loomis, Representative to the CA Democratic Party’s Executive Board

MCDCC Members

MoCo Board of Sup. District 1 – Patricia Rubio Coyt, Timothy Miguel, Kilder Fuentes

MoCo Board of Sup. District 2 – Regina Gage, Maria Luisa Alejo, Anthony Rocha

MoCo Board of Sup. District 3 – David Kong, Robert Krauth, Ernesto Gonzalez

MoCo Board of Sup. District 4 – Alicia Gaines, Herbert Cortez, Wes White, Jonathan Wizard, Alexis Arrazola

MoCo Board of Sup. District 5 – Alan Haffa, Esther Malkin, Joseph Aliotti, George Riley, Caspian Forsyth, Elena Loomis,  Timothy Barrett,

Club Representatives (Designated):

Democratic Women of Monterey County:

Laura Abihider, Primary

Salinas Valley Democratic Club:

Victor Caravez, Primary

Marina Democratic Club:

Lisa Berkley, Primary

Progressive Democrats of America:

Karen Araujo, Primary

Seaside Democrats:

Ian Oglesby, Primary

Designated members:

Jesus Valenzuela, Communications Liaison

Michael Ndubisi, Youth Leadership/Young Democrat

Ex-Officio Members (CA Democratic Party role): Steve McDougall, Representative to the Executive Board for Assembly District 29; Dominic Dursa, Region 9 Director

Ex-Officio Members (Elected office): Robert Rivas, 29th Assembly District; Dawn Addis, 30th Assembly District;  Anna Caballero, 14th Senate District (Rep Salinas Valley until November 2024 election results); John Laird, 17th Senate District; Jimmy Panetta, 19th Congressional District; and Zoe Lofgren, 18th Congressional District.


Finance – David Burnett, Chair

Credentials – Karen Araujo, Chair

Campaign – Christopher Barrera, Chair

Development – Mibs McCarthy, Chair

Issues – Alan Haffa, Chair

Facilities – Tina Rau, Chair

Policies and Procedures – George Riley, Chair

Communications – Jesus Valenzuela, Chair

What Is A Central Committee?

County Central Committees are the local governing bodies of the Democratic Party in each county. They are chartered by the State Democratic Party. Central Committees raise funds, plan election activities, and may open campaign headquarters. The Monterey County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) promotes the values expressed in the California Democratic Party’s Platform and helps to elect to local office individuals sharing those values and registered in the Democratic Party . In addition, the MCDCC charters local Democratic Clubs promoting the Party Platform, holding meetings taking place regularly, and with a minimum of 20 registered Democrats as dues paying members. Representatives to the MCDCC are elected every four years. Representation on the MCDCC is based on the number of registered Democrats voting within each County Supervisorial District and members must live in the Supervisorial District which they represent. Partisan-level Democratic nominees or Democratic Elected Officials who live in the county are also members. See our Bylaws or the CA Democratic Party’s Bylaws for full details.