Voter Guide – Fall 2020

Voting Early is easy, safe, free, and fun!

If you haven’t voted yet, why not set some time aside to complete your ballot.  It will only take about 15 Minutes.  Use this guide to complete it safely at home.
Use this guide with our recommendations to complete the ballot safely at home.  Instructions on how to deliver you ballot safely can be found at the bottom of this page.

California Propositions

More Endorsements

Mayors, City Council Members and City Measures

Mayor: Dave Potter
City Council: Karen Ferlito 
MPC Ballot Measure:
 YES on Measure V

Del Rey Oaks
Mayor: Alison Kerr (recommended) 
City Council: Gary Kreeger, Kim Shirley
MPC Ballot Measure: YES on Measure V 

Mayor: Maria Orozco 
City Council: Henry Martinez, Sr. 
Ballot Measure: YES on Measure X

City Council: Yanely Martinez, Avelina Torres
Ballot Measure: YES on Measure T

King City
Ballot Measure: YES on Measure P 

City Council: Kathy Yaeko Biala, Cristina Medina-Dirksen
Ballot Measure: YES on Measure Q
MPC Ballot Measure: YES on Measure V

Mayor: Timothy Barrett 
City Council: Alan Haffa
Ballot Measure: YES on Measure Y
MPC Ballot Measure: YES on Measure V

Pacific Grove
Mayor: Bill Peake
City Council: Nick Smith, Chaps Poduri
Ballot Measure: YES on Measure L
MPC Ballot Measure: YES on Measure V

Mayor: Chris Barrera
City Council: 
Dist. 1: Scott Davis
Dist. 4: Ramon Montemayor
Dist. 6: Anthony Rocha

Sand City
City Council: Kayhan Ghodsi
MPC Ballot Measure: YES on Measure V

Mayor: Jon Wizard
City Council: Alexis Garcia-Arrazola, Dave Pacheco
MPC Ballot Measure: YES on Measure V

Mayor: Anna Velazquez

School Districts

Alisal Union School District Board of Trustees
Guadalupe Ruiz Gilpas

Aromas-San Juan Unified 
Ballot Measure:
 YES on Measure O (Student safety and classroom repair)

Carmel Unified School District Board of Trustees
Seaberry J. Nachbar

Chualar Union School District Board of Trustees
Martha Gallegos

Gonzales Unified District Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees: Cesar Ayon
Ballot Measure: YES on Measure J,
YES on Measure K

Greenfield Union School District
Mayra Perez Diaz

Monterey Peninsula Unified Board of Trustees
Area 1: Leigh Rodriguez
Area 2: Jessica Hare
Area 3: Veronica Miramontes

North Monterey County Unified Board of Trustees
Elizabeth Samuels

Pacific Grove Unified
Board of Trustees: Carolyn Swanson 
Ballot Measure: YES on Mesure H

Salinas Union High School District Board of Trustees
Area 2: Patty Padilla-Salsberg
Area 6: Sandra Ocampo

Santa Rita Union School District Board of Trustees
Jose Andrew Sandoval

Soledad Unified
Board of Trustees: Javier Galvan, Roberto Ocampo, Ivan Ibarra Mora
Ballot Measure: YES on Measure N

South Monterey County Joint Unified HS District Trustee
Irene Garcia

Special Districts

Hartnell College
Area 1: Manuel Osorio 
Area 2: Aurelio Salazar or
Schileen Potter
Area 3: Jeanne Hori-Garcia
Area 4: Grant Joel Hill

Marina Coast Water District Director
Thomas P. Moore
Herbert Cortez

Monterey Peninsula College
Area 3: Colleen Courtney 
Area 4: Debbie Anthony
Area 5: Marlene Martin
Ballot Measure: YES on Measure V

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District
Div 4: Karen Paull
Div 5: Amy Anderson

Monterey Peninsula Airport District
Dist: 3: Jean Rasch

Monterey County Office of Education
Trustee Area 5: Violet Kigoonya

How to Vote

Now that you have completed your ballot, signed the flap, and sealed it, here is how you can get it delivered early:


Drop in any mailbox ASAP – no postage needed  (postmarked no later than Nov 3)



Find a drop-off location near you: (no in-person contact necessary)



Anytime between 8am – 5 pm, Mon – Fri, Oct 5 – Nov 3 


Anytime between 8am – 5 pm, Mon – Fri, Oct 5 – Nov 3 


  1. Check your ballot status:
  2. Get friends & family to register:
  3. “Triple Text” to boost your impact:  when you drop your ballot, text 3 friends to do the same!