Assemblymember Mark Stone

At a time when the media focus is all about state-wide crises in California, it is easy to forget that the most important decisions affecting our lives are made locally. Local issues impact our communities, our neighborhoods, our quality of life, and even our jobs. I believe in local government and I believe that the State should support and empower local government.

I am committed to working with local counties, cities, school districts and special districts to ensure that the State of California sets appropriate standards, provides resources and then allows the local jurisdictions to perform at their best. The State must provide leadership to significantly improve public education for all children, improve the health of all Californians, protect our fragile environment, address crumbling infrastructure needs, reduce crime in all communities, and reduce poverty everywhere it exists.

It has been an honor to take our shared values to the State level, ensuring that California is responsive to the needs of the Central Coast, and to our children and families. Having served on a local school board, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, the California Coastal Commission and now as State Assemblymember I am honored to represent you in Sacramento, working together to take California into the future.